Supercharge Your Data


The CymonixIQ+ platform: CymonixIQ+ provides an advanced data analytic platform for creating pre-training AI models, turning your data into actionable knowledge. 

Our platform includes features such as: 

  • Unique virtual graphs capabilities 
  • Advanced Modeling Tools 
  • Data Governance Tools 
  • Data Analytic and Reporting Tools 
  • Ability to Collaborate with Team 
  • A digital Coworker called Izzy 

Continue to Learn more about licenses and services options to help you jump start your data-driven revolution. 

Enterprise License

Empower users of all levels with a cutting-edge data platform to uncover the exponential value hidden within your diverse data landscape. 

Get Started with two options 

SaaS Licenses

Discover all that CymonixIQ+ has to offer with our SaaS-based license. Our tailored subscriptions make it easy to use our advanced data analytics platform, giving your business the unique power to build AI models and create a company-wide AI strategy. This revolutionizes your decision-making and business intelligence for a more innovative and efficient era. 

Network Licenses

Unlock the full potential of CymonixIQ+ with our Network License. This simple and specialized licensing option not only lets you harness all the capabilities of CymonixIQ+ but also enables you to seamlessly connect it to your AWS infrastructure, providing complete visibility and efficient management of advanced data analytics across your business. 

Trial License

Explore for 15 Days free CymonixIQ+
CymonixIQ+ extends a trial license, enabling users to explore its data analytics platform and experience firsthand the capabilities of building pre-training AI models for developing comprehensive Enterprise AI strategies. This trial period offers businesses an opportunity to assess the platform’s suitability for their specific needs before committing to a full license. 
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