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How it works

Why Graph Augmented AI vs. raw data?

So, why embrace Graph Augmented AI? Because being data-driven falls short—organizations driven by knowledge can make decisions with complete context and unwavering confidence. A Knowledge Graph transforms your data into machine-understandable knowledge, a crucial distinction in grasping the essence of knowledge graphs. Real-world knowledge is inherently situational, with meanings evolving based on circumstances. It is layered, allowing for nuanced comprehension through associations between concepts. Furthermore, knowledge is dynamic, adapting instantly to new discoveries. These characteristics embody the context often absent in raw data. Attempts by traditional data management systems have failed to capture this context result in gridlock, impeding data mastery, delaying timelines, for incorporating new sources, and leading to missing datasets in analyses, eroding trust.

In contrast, Knowledge Graphs are purpose-built for the fluid nature of knowledge. They provide a flexible foundation for digital operations, effortlessly assimilating new data, definitions, and requirements. Originating from the semantic web tradition, exemplified by entities like the Google Knowledge Graph and the Wikipedia Knowledge Graph, these knowledge base instances have propelled organizations to informational success at much lower costs then traditional data management systems. Utilizing a knowledge graph database comes with numerous advantages, ranging from its user-friendly and adaptable structure to its ability to seamlessly incorporate real-world datasets, providing insightful analyses. While operational ease and actionable intelligence are crucial, one distinctive advantage of knowledge graphs elevates user capabilities: semantic reasoning, also known as rules-based AI. Knowledge graphs possess the inherent ability to conduct reasoning within the dataset. Semantic reasoning involves deducing the logical consequences based on a set of user-defined rules, enhancing the dataset and enabling the extraction of even greater value. Rules provide unparalleled flexibility and offer limitless possibilities, whether transforming data, performing analytics, or integrating knowledge with existing information.

In the realm of enterprise solutions, advanced functionality alone is not sufficient; speed in delivering results is equally imperative. As the world’s fastest knowledge graph and rules engine, CymonixIQ+ empowers global corporations to address their business challenges through graph technology. CymonixIQ+‘s knowledge graph not only facilitates unmatched speed but also ensures exceptional security, stability, and scalability, meeting the rigorous requirements of various applications and instilling confidence in our clients.

What is a Knowledge Graph?

A Knowledge Graph serves as a versatile and reusable data layer designed to tackle intricate queries spanning various data silos. It establishes unparalleled connectedness by presenting contextualized data in the structured format of graphs. Engineered to capture the dynamic nature of knowledge, Knowledge Graphs seamlessly integrate new data, definitions, and requirements into one neural network that powers decision making for leaders.

How do Knowledge Graphs integrate into your data ecosystem?

CymonixIQ+ seamlessly integrates with your existing data management systems, enhancing rather than conflicting with them. An Enterprise Knowledge Graph acts as a catalyst for your data, augmenting connections and enriching disparate systems, elevating your enterprise AI strategy all is a single platform

Simple Setup

Effortlessly create an intelligent and unified data ecosystem that makes your data work for you

Connect to Any Data Set

CymonixIQ+ will work with any dataset, including complex and messy data, and integrate with any cloud or customer data warehouse.

Import Data
AI enabled Data Mapping

Define You Knowledge Graph

Configure your data using CymonixIQ+’s automated setup tools. You simply define your Knowledge Graph via our no code low code tools, and CymonixIQ+ takes care of the rest.

Address Critical Concerns

CymonixIQ+’s proprietary query engine and chatbot melds deep analysis with rapid data exploration, ensuring accurate and meaningful insights.

Report Builder

Empower Your Interconnected Enterprise

Establish a network of enterprise data grounded in meaning to drive informed decisions. Transform your data into a catalyst for acceleration, multiplying the impact on your enterprise.

Unify Data from ANY Source

  • Database
  • Cloud Services
  • Files / Unstructured
  • CRM
  • ERP

Seamless access to your entire data

CymonixIQ+ enables connectivity to any data source. Whether you have a proprietary internal application tailored to your business needs, simply utilize our universal REST Connector to access your data effortlessly.

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