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Usually, the one-time schema setup can be completed within a day. However, depending on the data maturity of individual customers, several iterations of the schema may be necessary to enhance the value and capabilities of CymonixIQ+. A dedicated data consultant will offer support and guidance throughout the onboarding process. The enduring advantage of this effort is the efficient management of data and the establishment of consistent definitions across your entire organization.

CymonixIQ+ is a knowledge graph platform that allows users to unify, query, and analyze their data across silos, offering capabilities for semantic graph storage, reasoning, and search.

No adjustments are typically needed once the schema is defined and data is remapped from source system.

CymonixIQ+ integrates data by creating a virtual graph layer over existing databases, enabling users to query and reason over disparate data sources as if they were a single, unified graph.

Unlike traditional databases, Knowledge Graph software focuses on relationships between entities, offering a more flexible and interconnected approach to data management.

Benefits include improved data integration, enhanced search capabilities, and the ability to derive meaningful insights from complex relationships in data.

Yes we support unstructured data, enabling organizations to integrate and analyze diverse data types.

Data in a Knowledge Graph is maintained by adding, updating, or removing nodes and relationships. Changes are made dynamically to reflect the evolving nature of the information.

Yes, Knowledge Graph software is scalable and can be effectively employed by large enterprises to manage and leverage vast amounts of interconnected data.

Industries such as healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and research can benefit from Knowledge Graph software by improving data understanding and decision-making.

CymonixIQ+ openCypher as its query language, which is a standard query language for querying RDF (Resource Description Framework) data.

No, CymonixIQ+ is a purpose-built, high-performance graph database engine. Neptune efficiently stores and navigates graph data, and uses a scale-up, in-memory optimized architecture to allow for fast query evaluation over large graphs.

Yes, CymonixIQ+ can handle both structured and unstructured data, making it versatile for various data types.

CymonixIQ+ supports OWL (Web Ontology Language) reasoning, allowing users to infer new information based on the defined ontologies and rules.

CymonixIQ+ supports various data storage backends, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and its native storage, allowing flexibility in deployment.

Yes, CymonixIQ+ is designed to scale and is suitable for large-scale knowledge graph deployments, offering features for performance optimization.

Yes, CymonixIQ+ provides APIs and connectors for integration with other systems, facilitating interoperability with existing data management solutions.

CymonixIQ+ provides security features such as authentication, authorization, and encryption to ensure the protection of data and access control.

Cymonix provides documentation, tutorials, and a support community to assist users in understanding and using the platform effectively.

CymonixIQ+ supports data governance through features like access controls, role-based permissions, and auditing capabilities to ensure data security and compliance.

Yes, CymonixIQ+ offers training resources, including online courses and documentation, to help users learn and make the most of the platform.

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