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Stop struggling with your data and empower smart enterprise with Graph Augmented AI

Enterprise AI is a category of software that harnesses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to drive digital transformation. Developing and deploying Enterprise AI at scale requires a new technology stack.

Connect and Unlock your data

Connect & unlock your data​

Swiftly build a detailed map of your data world with our AI engine, showcasing all the important relationships.

Explore hidden insights

Explore hidden insights​

Gain a fresh perspective on your information as our AI unveils insightful relationships, adding depth and breadth to your understanding.

Ask better questions

Ask better questions

Chat naturally with our AI chatbot, Izzy, to improve how you ask questions and get smarter, context-based answers from your information.

Empower your team

Empower your teams​

Work seamlessly with your team by sharing data insights and creating tasks, all within the Workbench.​

Contextual Understanding

Knowledge Graphs structure information cohesively, enabling AI systems to grasp data context. By leveraging the interconnected relationships within a knowledge graph, AI algorithms interpret information more precisely, expediting problem-solving through a contextually relevant approach.

Enhanced Data Processing

Integrating AI algorithms, especially machine learning models, with knowledge graphs enables the analysis and processing of extensive data sets. The synergy between AI’s computational capabilities and the contextual insights from knowledge graphs speeds up the identification of patterns, trends, and insights within complex datasets.

Automated Reasoning

Knowledge Graphs facilitate automated reasoning by encoding logical relationships among entities. AI systems leverage this structured knowledge for informed decision-making, reducing the reliance on manual intervention and hastening the pace of problem-solving. 

Predictive Analytics

AI, coupled with Knowledge Graphs, utilizes historical data to predict future trends or outcomes. This predictive capacity empowers organizations to proactively address potential issues, preemptively mitigating challenges and streamlining decision-making processes. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Knowledge Graphs, enhanced with AI-driven NLP capabilities, enable systems to comprehend and respond to human language. Particularly valuable in scenarios involving unstructured data, such as customer feedback, this integration expedites communication between humans and machines, accelerating the extraction of actionable insights. 

Personalization and Recommendation

The integration of Knowledge Graphs and AI within business enables personalized recommendations based on a deep understanding of your data, preferences, behaviors, and contextual information. This personalization not only enhances workers insight but also contributes to swifter problem-solving in delivering pertinent content or products. 

Adaptive Learning

AI systems continually learn and adapt based on new information fed into Knowledge Graphs. As the Knowledge Graph evolves with the infusion of fresh data, AI algorithms adjust their models to remain current, ensuring sustained effectiveness in problem-solving approaches over time. 

Efficient Resource Allocation

AI optimizes resource allocation by analyzing data from Knowledge Graphs to identify areas for improvement or inefficiency. This results in more effective resource utilization, streamlining operations and contributing to the expeditious resolution of problems. 

Make Better Decisions with Your Data

While organizations point to widespread delivery of business value from data and analytic investments, businesses continue to struggle with fundamental structural issues and barriers to success due to need for long term organizational transformation and organizational and business process change.

Solve Real-World Problems Faster 

CymonixIQ+ is designed to address real-world problems more efficiently and rapidly. We have created a single digital core that allows your business to harness the power of both Knowledge Graphs and AI without the worry.

Explore the Possibilities

Exploring diverse use cases illuminates the limitless possibilities to use data in new and exciting ways

Defense Industry

Defense Industry

    • Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization
    • Strategic Asset Allocation
    • Biometrics for Personal Identification
Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry

  • Player Behavior & Analytics
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Optimization
Financial Services

Financial Services

  • Automated Claims Processing
  • Advanced Fraud Detection
  • Investment Portfolio Management
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